Terms and Conditions

1 - Comply with terms and conditions

1.1 - These terms and conditions govern the access and use of Quick Delivery’ platform within New Zealand.

1.2 - By using Quick Delivery, you (the customer) agree to be bound by all terms and conditions below. Please read all of the terms below before you use Quick Delivery. If you do not agree to all the terms below, you should not use Quick Delivery.

1.3 - These terms and conditions may be amended in whole or in part by Quick Delivery from time to time. Amendments will be effective immediately upon posting of the amended terms and conditions on this website. We encourage the customer to review these terms periodically to stay informed. If the customer continues to use Quick Delivery after the revised terms have been posted, then he/she will be deemed to have accepted the changes to these terms.

1.4 - The acceptance of these terms is represented by a check box on the booking page. This acceptation can only be full. Any conditional subscription is considered void and invalid.

2 - Description of the Service

2.1 - Quick Delivery constitutes a platform that enables customers [Customer] to arrange and schedule transportation and/or logistics services with third party providers [Provider] of such services, including independent third party transportation/logistics providers under agreement with Quick Delivery. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT QUICK DELIVERY DOES NOT FUNCTION AS A TRANSPORTATION CARRIER.

2.2 - Customers can request a transportation and/or logistics services on Quick Delivery’ platform. A fixed price will be calculated based on the information provided by the customer. Once the request is received by Quick Delivery, this request will be forwarded to third party transportation/logistics providers.

2.3 - As part of Quick Delivery service of arranging and scheduling a transportation/ logistic service, Quick Delivery will organize the financial transaction between the customer and the third party provider.

2.4 - Quick Delivery offers primarily two Main Services:

  • One Man and Van Service - One man and a van is the affordable choice for moving a few items from A to B. Any item too big or heavy to be carried by one mover alone will require your assistance at both the pickup and drop-off. You must ensure that you are physically able to assist without risk to the mover.

  • Two Men and a Van Service  - Two men and a van is the best service to move a few larger items that need two people to carry them. No assistance at the pickup or drop-off is required by the customer for weighing up to 50KG. Our staff may request for assistance for heavier items.

2.5 - The above two services offers four sub services​:

  • Single Appliance - Single Appliance Service include removal of single electronic appliance such as TV, Fridge etc.

  • Multiple Appliances - Multiple Appliances Service include removal of up to four electronic appliances such as TV, Fridge etc or seven small appliances.

  • ​Single Furniture​ Item - Single Furniture Service include removal of single furniture item such as Beds, Sofas, Dining Table etc.

  • Multiple Furniture Items - Multiple Furniture Service include removal of up to three large furniture items such as Beds, Sofas, Dining Table etc or five small furniture items such as chairs, occasional chairs etc.

2.6 - Quick Delivery complete the all services mentioned on Services page using service categories mentioned in section 2.4 & 2.5.​

3 - Payment

3.1 - At time of accepting the quote, the customer is required to submit their credit card on Quick Delivery’ secure platform. At the time a provider has been confirmed, your credit card will be charged in accordance with the quote. No more or less than you accepted.

3.2 - Charges are in NZD and include GST.

4 - Modification and cancellation policy

4.1 - The request cannot be modified once it has been paid in full on Quick Delivery’ platform. This includes modifications to pick-up and drop-off locations, the time of the delivery and the nature of the delivery. No refund will be process should the customer wish to cancel.

4.2 - In the very unlikely case that the provider cancels the delivery, Quick Delivery will do everything in its power to find a new provider. The customer will be refunded in full should Quick Delivery fail to find a new provider.

5 - Customers’ obligations and expectations

5.1 - The customer can expect the third party transportation/logistics providers to complete the booking in accordance with the information provided by the customers.

5.2 - The customer must be present at the locations, date and times agreed to allow the provider to complete the delivery.

5.3 - The customer is responsible for choosing the right size vehicle for their delivery. Should the vehicle be too small for the delivery, based on what the customer has requested and the characteristics of the delivery, then the customer is at fault and will still be charged despite the delivery not being able to be completed at all or in full.

5.4 - The customer guarantees that all the information they provided in the booking request form is accurate, sincere and not misleading.

5.5 - The customer must make sure that the provider has access to retrieve the goods at the pick up location and access to the drop off location to complete the delivery.

5.6 - If you have not included an extra helper in your booking, you are required to help load and unload items should it be needed.

5.7 - The provider is not responsible for any construction or assembly, only delivery.

5.8 - Customers are prohibited from offering, requesting or making registered providers do deliveries without using the Quick Delivery’ platform.

6 - Items

6.1 - If an item’s weight is more than 15kg, it cannot be moved by a single person. If the customer cannot help the provider during the delivery, at pickup and dropoff, the customer should ask for an extra-helper.

6.2 - The customer represents and warrants that the items related to any request are his/her personal property and he/she has all rights and permissions to request and allow the loading, unloading, moving, packing and lifting of any of these items.

6.3 - We do not accept bookings of: (1) pets and live animals, (2) flammable, hazardous or dangerous goods, (3) perishable or frozen food items, (4) greasy or dirty unwrapped items or (5) items that cannot be safely lifted and carried by two people.

7 - Disputes between providers and customers

7.1 - For any trouble occurring between providers and customers, Quick Delivery will do their best to try to help resolve the issue and facilitate the resolution of the dispute amicably without incurring any responsibility in this regard.

8 - Liability and guarantee

8.1 - Quick Delivery is merely a neutral means of connecting customers and Providers. Quick Delivery does not represent or guarantee that any Provider will meet the customer's expectations or instructions in performing any services. Any dispute that the customer may have regarding the performance of any services, including any dispute related to the time, place, and manner of doing so, is between the customer and the Provider. Quick Delivery is not responsible for the replacement or repair of any of your personal property that may be damaged by a Provider while performing the delivery. All deliveries will be carried out at 'Owners Risk' as described in the Carriage of Good Act 1979, section 8. It should be noted that customers house and contents insurance may not cover items in transit.

8.2 - Customers accept that disputes resulting from loss and damage of products are to be resolved directly between the customer and the provider. Quick Delivery shall not be held responsible for any disputes that may arise.

In a nutshell:

By using Quick Delivery, you agree to all the terms and conditions below

In a nutshell:

We operate a platform that enables you to inquire, book and connect with a network of 3rd party transportation and logistic providers.

In a nutshell:

You submit your credit card details at the time of accepting the quote. Once a provider has accepted the booking, your credit card will be charged to confirm the booking. Our payment system is secure in accordance with best practice.

In a nutshell:

It is not possible to modify or cancel an already accepted booking. The provider might already be on their way!

In the unlikely situation that the provider has to cancel, we will do everything possible to find a replacement; or a full refund is given.

In a nutshell:

Providers are not required to pick up items you have not included in the booking!

Providers are only obligated to follow the instructions provided by you at the time of booking. So make sure you have submitted accurate instructions of what needs to be delivered and where from and where to.

Unless you have booked an extra helper, you are required to assist with on-load and offload should it be needed.

In a nutshell:

The provider may only lift up to 15kg. Two people may only lift up to 30kg.

We don’t arrange pickups of live (or dead) animals/pets, flammable, hazardous goods, perishable or frozen food items, greasy or dirty unwrapped items.

In a nutshell:

In case of a conflict between you and the provider, apply common sense! Alternatively contact us to help mitigate the situation!

In a nutshell:

Quick Delivery is not liable if something goes wrong. This is a matter between you and the provider.